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Hi, and welcome to the Flashback Top 40 Digital Radio Network !  We're thrilled that you've found us.  Established in 2005, Flashback Top 40 Radio is your home for Handpicked Hits of the 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s .  All your faves in one place and all hosted by Banana Joe Montione, live from Hollywood:  Listen on great Apps like TuneIn, My Radio Tuner, and coming soon, the exclusive Flashback Top 40 Apps !   (and BTW, tell a friend about us...)       

Our Unique "Hybrid" Classic-Hits, Variety Hits Format

Our promise to have "No Boundaries" rings through every day, 24/7 as Flashback Top 40 Radio features the Hottest Hits from the Pop, Rock, Dance and Urban-R&B genres.  Combining the winning high-profile presentation of great Top 40 stations who ruled the airwaves during the eras we cover, Flashback Top 40 blends the best music from four decades, creating a fun mix of over 1500 songs expertly programmed to entertain our listeners, and deliver the bulk of our audience in the coveted 25-54 adult demographic, which delivers an active foreground core to our advertising and affiliate station partners.

The History of the Flashback Top 40 Radio Network

"Banana" Joe Montione (pic from WFIL Philadelphia is Joe & special guest John Lennon, 1975) has been a top-rated personality and program director/consultant at great radio stations, groups & networks across the USA.  Now he's taking that fun- foreground style of radio to local stations across the USA, as FT40 becomes one of the first music formats to migrate back to terrestrial radio from the Internet world.  The national syndication includes continuation of the online presence, both live from Hollywood and with custom-built local feeds from the affiliate markets. If you'd like more information on our unique cutting-edge format and satellite replacement delivery by Synchronicity, call 747.999.7061 and just say "I Want My Flashback40" and let us know what area you'd like info on, some suggestions:

  • Stations can ask about our syndication availabilaity in their market
  • listeners, could comment or request favoroite songs


John Lennon w/Banana Joe Montione WFIL/Philadelphia, May 16-18, 1975 Limited time: FREE SHIPPING to USA!


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John Lennon's historic wekend in Philly for the 1975 WFIL Helping Hand Marathon.  Turned out to be among Lennon's last public appearances.  2-CD set, .WAV audio. Collector's item.

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Do you have questions or comments about our programming? Do you have an idea for a story or style that we should include? Send us a message, and we will get back to you soon.  Call Joe Montione at Banana Joe Radio Group.

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